July 11, 2021


Bournonville Motors Co. (1921-1923)

Hoboken, New Jersey

This is a Rotary Six radiator emblem (1922-1923)     sam
Size: 56mm diameter     MM: Unknown

In 1914 Eugene Bournonville developed and patented a novel rotary valve engine. He could not find any motor car manufacturer willing to take an interest in his engine, so, after the First World War, he decided to use it in a new car that he would build.

The Rotary Six was introduced at the New York Automobile Show in November 1921. It was a good quality 60 hp six-cylinder seven-passenger touring car built using standard components. It had a high price tag and the company was under capitalized, so the Rotary was in trouble from the start. Prices were slashed for 1923 but production ceased later that year.

Very few Rotary cars were built.


The Rotary radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

The Rotary emblem shown below appears to be a hub emblem and is very rare.

This is a Rotary hub emblem (1922-1923)      mjs
Size: 69mm diameter     MM: None

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