December 22, 2017


Buick Motor Co. (1930)

Flint, Michigan

This is a Marquette radiator emblem (1930)     mjs
Size: 36mm wide 32mm high     MM: Fox

The Marquette was introduced by Buick as a companion car but it was marketed as an entirely separate make (see Buick).

The Marquette was a 67 hp six-cylinder automobile offered in six body styles and promoted vigorously when production began in June 1929. The Marquette was a good car but suffered from the stock market crash of October 1929. After building 35,000 Marquette cars for the 1930 model year, the Marquette was dropped.


The Marquette sold in the US carried the shield shaped radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Marquette radiator emblem is scarce.

There is an exactly similar emblem with the word "Buick" in place of the word "Marquette", see the poor quality photo below. This emblem is rare and was used for Buick Series 30 Marquette models sold in South America. If you have a clearer photo of this emblem, please send a copy to update this post.

This is a Buick Series 30 Marquette radiator emblem for sales in South America   ms
Size: 36mm wide 32mm high    MM: Unknown  

The Buick Marquette emblem shown below is ultra rare. It is about the same size as the usual Marquette emblem shown above and has the same fixing arrangement on the back. It is believed to be an initial emblem design made before the decision to promote the Marquette as a separate make, but this is not confirmed.

This is a Buick Marquette radiator emblem (c1929)     mjs
Size: 38mm wide 30mm high    MM: None

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