October 20, 2017


Argo Electric Vehicle Co. (1912-1914)

American Electric Car Co. (1914-1916)

Saginaw, Michigan

This is an Argo Electric emblem (c1912-1916)     mjs
Size: 44mm diameter     MM: Shepard

The Argo Electric Vehicle Company was formed in 1910 but there were delays and the Argo Electric was not ready until the New York Automobile Show in January 1912.

The first Argo Electric was a five-passenger brougham but roadster and limousine body styles were added in 1913 together with two delivery truck models. But electric automobiles were becoming unpopular and in 1914 Argo joined with Broc and Borland to form the American Electric Car Company. Production was consolidated into the Saginaw plant, although each car retained its own name, but they were all finished by 1916.


The Argo Electric enamel emblem shown above is rare. The same basic design also appears on the hub emblems, see example below:

This is an Argo Electric hub emblem (c1913)     ms
Size: Unknown

The Argo Electric should not be confused with the Argo gasolene car built in Jackson, Michigan (see Argo).

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