April 22, 2022


Singer Motor Co.

New York, New York (1914-1918)

Mount Vernon, New York (1919-1920)

This is a Singer radiator emblem (c1914-1920)    mjs
Size: 140mm wide 60mm high     MM: Unknown

Charles A Singer and Henry U Palmer produced the Palmer-Singer car from 1908 until their company became bankrupt in March 1914 (see Palmer-Singer). In June 1914 the Palmer-Singer assets were sold back to Charles Singer, who replaced the Palmer-Singer Magic engine with a 50 hp Herschell-Spillman six-cylinder engine and renamed the car as the Singer. 

The Singer was a high-priced automobile with a deep v-shaped radiator shell and was initially offered as a five-passenger touring model but was available in a wide range of body styles from 1916, including custom built coachwork from America's finest auto body manufacturers.

Singer suffered from the post First World War recession and a 90 hp V-12 model was introduced in 1920 to try to attract buyers but this was unsuccessful and Singer was finished by November 1920.


The Singer Six advertisement for 1917 shown below includes a "Singer" script logo together with a coat of arms, both of which appear on the radiator emblem:

Singer Six advertisement showing the Singer logo and part of the radiator emblem (1917)   ebay

This emblem is the red, white and blue enamel Singer radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. The emblem was shaped to fit on the nose of the v-shaped radiator. This Singer radiator emblem is very rare.

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