September 14, 2023


Stutz Motor Car Company of America (1929-1930)

Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a Blackhawk headlight bar emblem (1929-1930)    mjs
Size: 185mm wide 58mm high    MM: None

The Blackhawk was made by Stutz but was introduced in 1929 as a separate marque to keep it apart from the more expensive and more powerful cars in the Stutz line. The name Blackhawk was chosen to give an association with the powerful Stutz Black Hawk speedsters.

The Blackhawk was offered as either an 85 hp six-cylinder model or a 90 hp eight-cylinder model, with both models available in a wide range of body styles. By the end of 1929, only 1,310 Blackhawks had been sold. Production dropped to 280 cars in 1930 and the Blackhawk was discontinued by the end of 1930.


The Blackhawk carried a painted, cast metal emblem mounted on the headlight bar in the center of the radiator and a small painted emblem mounted on the front bumper, see below:

This is a Blackhawk showing the headlight bar emblem (1929)  hyman

The Blackhawk headlight bar emblem has "Blackhawk" and "Made by Stutz" cast into the emblem, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Blackhawk headlight bar emblem is scarce. 

The following red and black painted emblem was used as the Blackhawk front bumper emblem and was also used as the wire wheel hub emblem, as seen below:

This is a Blackhawk bumper & hub emblem (1929-1930)   mjs
Size: 42mm diameter   MM: None

This is a Blackhawk wire wheel hub (1929-1930)   bonhams

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