February 08, 2024


L. Burg Carriage Co. (1910-1913)

Dallas City, Illinois

This is a Burg radiator script (c1910)   sam
Size: 218mm wide 147mm high overall

The L. Burg Carriage Company was a long established horse drawn carriage builder, which took an interest in the automobile business. The first Burg appeared in 1910 and was a 30 hp four-cylinder car offered in touring, roadster and runabout styles with touring models only offered from 1912. A 50 hp six-cylinder model appeared in 1912 with a 60 hp six-cylinder model in 1913. Sales of the Burg were limited and it was all over in 1913.

Burg production numbers are not known but are likely to have been modest.


The 1910 advertisement for an L. Burg automobile shown below includes an illustration of the Burg, which does not appear to carry a radiator emblem but a simple "BURG" script is seen attached to the radiator core:

L Burg Automobile ad showing rad script (1910) dallas city review 

Close up showing "BURG" rad script (1910)

It is possible that the Burg script shown in the above illustration was drawn before a Burg logo was finalized, as there is no logo shown in the advertisement.

A brass Burg radiator script has been seen in as more flowing style, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Burg radiator script appears to be original and is very rare.

A restored surviving Burg automobile from 1910 carries the same brass radiator script, see below:

Restored Burg with rad script (c1910)
southeast iowa antique car club

It is not known if the Burg ever had a radiator emblem, as there are no original period photos of Burg automobiles and no illustrations of Burg cars after 1910 have been found.

The Burg name was also displayed on the hub caps, see Burg six-cylinder model hubcap shown below:

This is a Burg Six hub cap (1912-1913)   dkc

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