December 23, 2016


Winther Motor Car Co. (1920-1923)

Kenosha, Wisconsin

This is a Winther Six radiator emblem (1921-1923)    mjs
Size: 58mm wide 50mm high     MM: None

Martin P Winther had been building trucks since 1917 (see Winther Truck) but waited until November 1919 to announce that there would also be a Winther car. The first Winther car appeared in May 1920 but was not shown to the public until it was introduced at the Chicago Automobile Show in 1921.

The Winther Six was a well-built but rather ordinary 60 hp six-cylinder five-passenger touring car, which struggled to survive. Winther motor car production was discontinued in 1923 after a total production of only 336 cars.


The following Winther advertisement shows the radiator emblem and reports that production of the Winther Six began in April 1920:

This is a Winther Six ad (1920)    ma

The red, white and blue enamel Winther Six radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is very rare.

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