December 13, 2016


Edwards Motor Car Company (1912-1913)

Long Island City, New York

This is an Edwards Knight radiator emblem (1912-1913)   sam
Size: 44mm  MM: Unknown

H.E.Edwards had been the engineering designer for Stoddard-Dayton and chief engineer for United States Motor Company. In early 1912, Edwards and C.G.Stoddard set up the Edwards Motor Car Company and acquired a license to use the Knight sleeve-valve engine in a new car called the Edwards-Knight. The 40/50 hp four-cylinder Edwards-Knight was introduced in December 1912. It was an attractive car and was offered in a variety of body styles. However, production of the Edwards-Knight lasted only a few months.

In July 1913, the Edwards Motor Car Company, together with the Knight sleeve-valve license, was bought by John North Willys, who hired Edwards as engineer for his new Willys-Knight.


The Edwards-Knight radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

Emblem collectors should beware as there are Pulfer reproduction Edwards-Knight radiator emblems, which are larger than the original Edwards-Knight radiator emblem. The reproduction emblems have flat backs and no maker's mark, see example shown below:

This is a reproduction Edwards-Knight radiator emblem mjs
Size: 57mm diameter

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