June 27, 2024


Middleby Automobile Co. (1909-1913)
Reading, Pennsylvania

This is a Middleby radiator script (1909)    cccmlc

Charles M. Middleby took over the factory previously occupied by the Duryea Power Company in Reading, Pennsylvania to produce his Middleby automobile. 

The Middleby began as a 25 hp four-cylinder air-cooled automobile offered as a two-passenger runabout, a four-passenger surrey or a five-passenger touring. For 1910, the Middleby range had increased to six body styles and a larger 40 hp companion model called the Reading was also introduced. 

In 1911, the Middleby also became a larger wheelbase, 40 hp four-cylinder water-cooled automobile but it was not successful and it was all over in 1913, including the Reading. 


The Middleby did not carry an emblem but displayed the "Middleby" name on a cast brass script mounted on the radiator core, see original period photo and surviving 1909 runabout example shown below;

Middleby runabout at Giant's Despair Hill Climb (1909)  dpl

Middleby runabout showing radiator script (1909)   bmhv

The cast brass Middleby radiator script is shown above at the top of this post. Original Middleby radiator scripts are rare.

The "Middleby" name was displayed on a small brass nameplate/serial plate located on the dash or under the driver's seat, see example shown below. This Middleby nameplate is very rare.

This is a Middleby nameplate/serial plate (c1910)    sam

The "Middleby" name was also displayed on a brass script mounted on the top of the headlights, see 1909 example shown below:

This shows the Middleby script on the headlights (1909)  cccmlc

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