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Marmon-Herrington Inc. (1931-1963)
Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a Marmon-Herrington radiator emblem (1930's)  mjs
Size: 56mm wide 29mm high   MM: None 

Marmon-Herrington was set up to make all-wheel-drive trucks, initially for military purposes. Production began in 1931 with an order for several four-wheel drive aircraft refueling trucks and this was followed by a variety of vehicles for the US and Persian armies. In 1932, Marmon-Herrington built their first all-wheel-drive truck and trailer combination and a 40-passenger articulated coach. In 1934, Marmon-Herrington offered a complete line of all-wheel-drive vehicles in five series. As Marmon-Herrington established their reputation, their business developed rapidly.

In 1935, Marmon-Herrington designed their first Ford all-wheel-drive conversion. This was successful and allowed the company to supplement its heavy duty line and military vehicle business by converting Ford trucks and pickups to special all-wheel-drive light and medium duty units. In 1937, Marmon-Herrington used a Ford conversion to produce a half track truck, which resulted in a successful business building armored cars, light tanks and other military vehicles for the armed forces through World War II.

After World War II, Marmon-Herrington branched out into two new fields; multi-stop delivery vans and passenger vehicles, including buses and trolley-buses. The vans had forward control and front-wheel-drive and were called Delivr-All (see Delivr-All), which were in production from 1945 to 1952. Marmon-Herrington also made around 1,500 trolley-buses between 1946 and 1955.

The company also built lightweight motor buses but both these and the trolley buses became unprofitable by the mid-1950's. In 1961, Marmon-Herrington won a contract to re-engine about 1,000 Greyhound buses but this was their last major piece of automotive work. Marmon-Herrington ceased production in 1963, apart from a single construction truck built in 1973. 

A new Marmon truck range followed from 1963.


Marmon-Herrington trucks and other vehicles, including military vehicles, displayed the "Marmon-Herrington" name on painted nameplates mounted on the hood sides and, in some cases, on the front of the vehicle, as can be seen in the following examples. The same Marmon-Herrington nameplate was used at least into the 1950's. 

Marmon-Herrington truck with hood side nameplate (1930's)

Marmon-Herrington 6x6 tractor with hood side nameplate &  radiator grille emblem (1932)  pinterest

Marmon-Herrington track laying vehicle with front nameplate (1938)  

Marmon-Herrington trolley (1949)   steve morgan

Marmon-Herrington trolley bus front nameplate (1949)  

This is the Marmon-Herrington nameplate shown below:

This is a Marmon-Herrington nameplate (1932-c1950)   mjs
Size: 520mm wide 38mm high

The following black enamel Marmon-Herrington radiator emblem is also shown above at the top of this  post. I do not have a confirmed date of use for this emblem but I believe this to be in the 1930's. This Marmon-Herrington radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Marmon-Herrington radiator emblem (1930's)  mjs
Size: 56mm wide 29mm high    MM: None

Marmon-Herrington Ford conversions carried the regular Ford emblems but also displayed the "Marmon-Herrington" name on a black painted emblem mounted on the sides of the hood or the body. The first Marmon-Herrington conversions used an inverted triangular shaped nameplate, see examples shown below:

Marmon-Herrington with side nameplate (1937) gary alan nelson

Marmon-Herrington conversion side nameplate (c1935-1938) ms
Size: Unknown

By about 1939, the Marmon-Herrington conversion nameplates became oval-shaped, see examples shown below:

Ford dump truck conversion with body side M-H emblem (1940) wiki

Ford 4x4 conversion with hood side W-H emblem (1940) hemmings

Ford truck conversion with hood side M-H emblem (1941)  ms

This is the Marmon-Herrington emblem used on conversion vehicles:

This is a Marmon-Herrington emblem (c1939-1950)  mjs
Size: 140mmwide 85mm high   MM: None

The following Marmon-Herrington emblem was used in about 1960:

This is a Marmon-Herrington emblem (c1960)    lktec
Size: 200mm wide 177mm high 


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