June 27, 2024


Kaiser-Frazer Corp. (1950-1954)
Willow Run, Michigan

These are Henry J scripts (1951-1954)    mjs
Sizes: 282mm wide (top) 123mm wide (bottom)  MM: None

The Henry J was named after Henry J. Kaiser, president and general manager of the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation (see Kaiser), and was an early but badly timed attempt at a compact car in America introduced in October 1950. 

The Henry J was cheaply finished, mechanically conventional and offered in four- and six-cylinder models. The smaller Henry J's were good cars and performed well and their chassis were used for the experimental Excalibur J sports car in 1952 and the Darrin roadster of 1953. A number of cars called the Allstate were built for Sears Roebuck for sale by mail order between 1952 and 1953 (see Allstate).  About 126,000 Henry J's were produced before the end in 1954.


The first Henry J cars appearing in 1950 for the 1951 model year carried a small "Henry J" script mounted to one side of the front of the hood and a larger "Henry J" script mounted on the trunk lid, see example shown below:

Henry J showing small script on hood (1951)    wiki

Henry J showing large script on trunk lid (1951)   wiki

These are the chrome "Henry J" scripts shown above at the top of this post.

The Henry J was changed in late 1951 for the 1952 model year. The new Henry J model continued to display the small "Henry J" script mounted on the hood and the larger "Henry J" script on the trunk lid, but there was also a painted plastic Kaiser emblem displaying the letter "K" set in a chrome base on the front of the hood just above the radiator grille. This arrangement of Kaiser hood emblem and "Henry J" scripts continued until the final models were built in late 1953 for the 1954 model year, see example shown below:

Henry J showing Kaiser hood emblem & Henry J script (1954) pinterest

The following is a example of the painted plastic Kaiser hood emblem:

This is a Kaiser Henry J hood emblem (1951-1954)  mjs
Size: 88mm high 88mm wide

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