June 16, 2024


Demotcar Co. (1909-1911)
Detroit, Michigan 

This is a DeMot radiator script (1910)   acmoi

The DeMot was the name given to this car in the first brochure produced by the Demotcar Company. The car name appeared as DeMotCar and Demotcar in the second brochure. In each case the name was short for Detroit Motor Car. 

The Demotcar Company was in trouble almost as soon as it started. The DeMot, a light-weight 8/10 hp two-cylinder runabout, was introduced in September 1909 but the company was bankrupt by August 1910. Production continued under receivership until December 1911.


The DeMot had a diamond shaped logo, see below:

This is the DeMot logo   ms

DeMot advertisements from 1910 included this logo and showed an illustration of a DeMot car with what appears to be a "DeMot" radiator emblem in the form of a decal or script displayed on the radiator tank top, see example shown below:

DeMot ad showing logo and rad emblem (1910) ms

Detail showing the DeMot radiator emblem (1910)

I cannot find an original period photo of a DeMot car with the diamond shaped logo style radiator emblem or any other radiator emblem. The clearest original period DeMot car photo that I have seen shows a radiator tank top with no radiator emblem but with the "DeMot" name displayed on a brass script attached to the radiator core. Unfortunately, only a small part of this radiator script is visible, see below:

This is a DeMot car with a radiator script (1910)    dpl

Close-up showing part of radiator script (1910)

This Demot script is in a fluid script style unlike the diamond shaped logo emblem shown earlier. This brass Demot radiator script is seen on a surviving Demot at the Antique Car Museum of Iowa, see below:

Demot car with radiator script (1910)   acmoi

This Demot radiator script, shown above at the top of this post and again below, appears similar to the script seen in the original 1910 photo shown earlier above. 

This is a DeMotcar radiator script (1910)   acmoi

The following very different brass DeMot radiator script is seen on another surviving DeMot runabout at the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, which also did not carry a radiator emblem. Original DeMot radiator scripts of any design are extremely rare.

This is a DeMot radiator script (1910)     pam

If you have better details of any original DeMot emblems or radiator scripts, please let me know in order to update this post.

The DeMot name was also displayed on hubcaps, see example shown below:

This is a DeMot hubcap (1909-1911)   dkc

The DeMot name was also displayed on a small serial plate attached to the dash, see examples shown below:

This is a DeMot serial plate (c1909)   mjs
Size: 64mm wide 32mm high

DeMotcar serial plate on surviving car (1910)  acmoi

The DeMot serial plates shown above are different but both appear original. These DeMot serial plates are very rare.

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