May 01, 2024


Lasky Motor Car Corp. (c1916)

Brooklyn, New York

This is a Lasky emblem (date unknown)    mjs
Size: 64mm wide 55mm high   MM: Unknown

The Lasky Motor Car Corporation claimed its inception from 1907 and by the early 1920's was based in Brooklyn and had become one of the largest authorized Ford dealerships in the area concerned with Ford commercial and passenger vehicles. The Lasky Motor Car Corporation also offered a full auto repair and maintenance service. The Lasky Motor Car Corporation was still operating as a Ford dealership through the 1950's.

There is a reference to Lasky as an automotive vehicle manufacturer c1916 but this has not been confirmed.


Details of the use of Lasky Motor Car Corporation emblems are unknown but a triangular-shaped enamel emblem appears in several early collections of American auto emblems and is shown on the Eaton wall chart of American auto emblems. 

This is the deep blue and white enamel Lasky emblem shown above. This Lasky emblem is rare.

It is just possible that this triangular Lasky emblem may have been used as a radiator emblem in 1916, if a Lasky car had been produced at this time. However, it seems more likely to have been a dealership emblem placed on the dash board of cars sold by the Lasky company. 

However, the larger black painted brass Lasky emblems shown below are curved and appear to have been made to fit onto the front of an automotive radiator. It is possible that Lasky assembled some of their own vehicles or did some custom body work but this is not confirmed.

This is a Lasky emblem (date unknown)   mjs
Size: 125mm wide 23mm high   MM: Unknown

This is a Lasky emblem (date unknown)    mjs
Size: 193mm wide 30mm high

If you have further details of the use of Lasky emblems, please let me know in order to update this post.


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