May 14, 2024


M. P. Moller Car Co. (1927-1930)
Hagerstown, Maryland 

This is an Elysee radiator emblem (1927-1930)   mjs
Size: 64mm diameter   MM: Robbins

The Moller Car Company stopped making passenger cars in 1926 and then concentrated exclusively on taxicabs and delivery trucks. The Elysee delivery trucks were built to serve the well-to-do, especially for goods delivery to wealthy homes. Elysee trucks were 3/4-ton and 1-1/2-ton capacity, powered by four- and six-cylinder engines. The Elysee had bodywork that was stylishly custom in appearance with a pointed radiator, which had been used for another Moller motor vehicle, the Standish luxury car (see Standish).

Elysee truck production began in 1927 but with limited success. Some New York department stores had small fleets of Elysee delivery vans. However, the business suffered badly with the on-set of the Depression in late 1929 and production had ceased by early 1930, when Elysee trucks were being offered at much reduced prices to clear stock. Unsold Elysee trucks were offered for a few years. Total Elysee production between 1927 and 1930 is reported to have been 75 and 100 delivery trucks.


The dark and light blue enamel Elysee delivery truck radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is very rare.

The following is an Elysee truck hubcap and hub emblem. Elysee hub emblems are rare.

This is an Elysee truck hubcap (1927-1930)   dkc

This is an Elysee hub emblem (1927-1930)    sam
Size: 54mm diameter

The following is an Elysee truck maker's nameplate showing the 1927 patent date:

This is an Elysee maker's/patent nameplate (1927-1930)  sam
Size: 89mm wide 30mm high

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