February 22, 2024


Robert Harrison Co. (1911-1917)
South Boston, Massachusetts

This is a Robert Harrison nameplate (dates unknown)  mjs
Size: 94mm wide 40mm high

The Robert Harrison Company built heavy duty trucks powered by four-cylinder engines with three-speed transmission and double chain drive. 

The initial models were 3-1/2-ton, 5-ton and 12-ton capacity chain-driven trucks. The 12-ton model was probably the largest American truck at the time. However, the market for heavy trucks was limited and only the 3-1/2-ton truck survived to 1917.


I have found no evidence of a Robert Harrison truck radiator emblem, but these trucks did display the "Robert Harrison Company" name on brass nameplates, see examples shown above and below. These Robert Harrison truck nameplates are rare.

This is a Robert Harrison nameplate (dates unknown)  sam
Size: 222mm wide 35mm high


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