February 08, 2024


Freeman Motor Co. (1928-1931)
Freeman Quadrive Corp.
Detroit, Michigan

This is a Freeman radiator emblem/nameplate (1928-1931) lktec
Size: 290mm wide 72mm high   

The Freeman was a four-wheel drive motor truck powered by six-cylinder Buda engines in three sizes, 65 hp, 75 hp and 110 hp.

The first prototype bevel-gear four-wheel drive Freeman truck was built in 1923. Articles of incorporation for the Freeman company were filed in 1924 but truck production did nor commence until 1928. By 1930, Freeman trucks were available in twelve different models ranging from 3-1/2-ton to 10-ton capacity. In 1931, a much larger model was offered which could move 20 tons at up to 25 mph using two four-wheel drive trailers. 

The Freeman truck company could not survive the Depression and it was all over in 1931. Very few trucks were actually built. 


There are very few illustrations of Freemen motor trucks showing the emblems and nameplates and the emblem details are in any case unclear, see example shown below:

Freeman truck advertisement (1930) periodpaper

The following poor quality photo of a Freeman truck shows a radiator nameplate and a hood side nameplate and, although the details are unclear, the shape and proportions can be seen:

Freeman truck showing rad & hood side nameplates (1928)  mroz

It is believed that the Freeman truck radiator emblem/nameplate is the red painted cast aluminum example shown above at the top of this post. This Freeman truck nameplate is very rare.

The following painted cast aluminum Freeman truck nameplate is believed to be the hood side nameplate, This Freeman truck nameplate is also very rare.

This is a Freeman hood side nameplate (1928-1931)   lktec
Size: 292mm wide (excl fixing ears) 92mm high

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