January 14, 2024


Cummins-Monitor Co. (1915-1916)
Monitor Motor Car Co. (1916-1922)
Columbus, Ohio

This is a Monitor radiator emblem (1916-1922)    mjs
Size: 72mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Cummins Auto Sales Company, a motor car sales dealership, became the Cummins-Monitor Company and introduced the 30 hp four-cylinder Monitor Model 4-30 in 1915. A 55 hp six-cylinder model was added for the 1916 model year. From 1919, six-cylinder Monitor cars only were offered.

The company was reorganized as the Monitor Motor Car Company in December 1916. The Monitor suffered the effects of the post First World War depression and after 1917 sales began to fall. By August 1921 the company was in receivership and in January 1922 liquidation was ordered and the Monitor was finished.


The first Monitor cars had hubcaps with Cummins Auto Sales Company hub emblems, see example shown below:

This is a Monitor hubcap (1915-c1916)     dkc

It is likely that there was a change in hubcap emblem to display the Cummins-Monitor Company or Monitor name but I cannot confirm this.

I can find no evidence of a radiator emblem for the Monitor car built by the Cummins-Monitor Company, although it is likely that such an emblem was used from 1915, possibly similar to the hubcap emblem shown above. If such an emblem could be found, it would be extremely rare.

The blue and white enamel Monitor radiator emblem shown above was used from late 1916 when the company became the Monitor Motor Car Company. This Monitor radiator emblem is very rare.

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