June 08, 2023


Globe Motors Co. (1920-1922)
Cleveland, Ohio

This is a Globe radiator emblem (1920-1922)    mjs
Size: 51mm diameter    MM: Fox

Globe Motors Company was incorporated in September 1920 in order to produce the Globe automobile, which was a conventional assembled 39 hp four-cylinder car offered in touring, roadster and sports roadster body styles. 

The company was unable to survive the postwar depression and it was all over for the Globe in 1922. Very few Globe cars were built.


The Globe carried a deep red enamel radiator emblem, see example shown above. This Globe radiator emblem is extremely rare.

The "Globe" name was also displayed on the hubcaps, see example shown below:

This is a Globe hubcap (1920-1922)   dkc

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