May 11, 2023


Sellers Motor Car Co. (1909-1912)
Hutchinson, Kansas

This is a Sellers nameplate (c1910)     mjs
Size: 89mm wide 54mm high

The Sellers was a well-built 35 hp four-cylinder five-passenger touring model. Two Sellers cars were entered in the Kansas-Colorado Endurance Run of 1909; one finished with a perfect score, the other made the fastest time for the event. The first production Sellers car appeared in July 1909. 

Production was about three cars a week but this was too low to support the high manufacturing costs and a lack of working capital prevented expansion of production. By June 1912 it was all over and the Sellers plant was sold.


There are very few photos of Sellers cars and none appear to have survived. The Sellers cars seen in original period photos did not carry an emblem or display a radiator script, see example photos shown below: 

This is a Sellers touring car (1909)      khs

This is a Sellers car (c1910)    wheelsage

This is a Sellers "35" (c1910)   khs

The "Sellers" name was certainly displayed on a painted brass maker's nameplate/serial plate. The Sellers plate shown above at the top of this post was used as a Sellers model nameplate and has no serial number. This Sellers nameplate is rare.

It is possible that emblems were used before the end of production in 1912 but I can find no evidence of this. If you have details of any Sellers emblems, please let me know, in order to update this post.

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