April 14, 2023


Michigan Hearse & Motor Co. (1915-1921)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

This is a Michigan radiator emblem (1915-1921)    mjs
Size: 44mm diameter   MM: Unknown

The Michigan Hearse & Motor Company specialized in the production of funeral cars. These were assembled vehicles powered by six-cylinder engines using worm-drive. In 1916 a 29 hp Michigan Model 1220 limousine passenger car was offered for that year only.The last year of production included a hearse model called the Gothic, which had stained glass windows.


The Michigan carried a black and white enamel radiator emblem, see example shown above. This Michigan radiator emblem is very rare. 

The same Michigan emblem was used as a hub emblem, see example shown below:

This is a Michigan hubcap (1915-1921)   dkc

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