December 15, 2022


Locke Regulator Co. (1902-1905)
Salem, Massachusetts

This is a Puritan maker's nameplate (1902-1905)    mjs
Size: 77mm wide 32mm high    

The Locke Regulator Company was a manufacturer of engines, axles and gears and in June 1902 Albert Locke built his first steam car. Later that month he organized the Puritan Motor Car Company to handle the marketing and sales of his Puritan car, which would be built by his Locke Regulator Company. 

The Puritan was an attractive little runabout powered by a two-cylinder 6 hp vertical engine. In 1904 Locke considered a gasoline car but did not proceed into manufacture. The Locke Regulator Company stopped building motor cars in 1905.


The Puritan did not carry an emblem or a nameplate with the "Puritan" name. Instead, the Puritan displayed the "Locke Regulator Company" name on a small painted brass maker's nameplate attached to the body, see example shown above. This Puritan maker's nameplate is very rare.

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