October 30, 2022


Hale Fire Pump Co. (1914-c1943)

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

This is a Hale radiator emblem (c1926-1940)    mjs
Size: 84mm diameter    MM: None

The Hale Fire Pump Company was established by Alan C Hale and others from the Radnor Fire Company of Wayne, Pennsylvania to design and build improved fire pumps. By 1914, the company had built its first complete fire pump called the Young Giant, using a Simplex automobile chassis. It was successfully tested in December 1914, when it pumped continuously for more than six hours to control a fire at the Wayne Opera House. As a result of this achievement, four further Young Giants were built.

In 1917, the company moved to new, larger premises but production was temporarily stopped due to the First World War, resuming again by early 1919. The company continued to develop new and improved pumps and other fire fighting equipment. In addition to its pumps, Hale also built complete fire apparatus, including small triple combination pumpers, hose and chemical trucks, and some service hook and ladder trucks, all on commercial truck chassis. 

By the late 1920's, Hale was building custom pumpers using its own, assembled Hale chassis. Hale suffered during the Great Depression but survived by developing light trailer pumps. Hale delivered its last complete motor fire apparatus in the early 1940's. The company became one of America's most successful manufacturers of fire apparatus pumps and continues today.


The Hale pumpers built on Hale assembled chassis carried a round radiator emblem and a rectangular "Hale" nameplate mounted on the front bumper, see example photos of surviving Hale pumpers shown below:

Hale pumper showing round radiator emblem & front fender nameplate (1926)  lou angeli

Hale pumper detail showing radiator emblem (1926)  classiccars

This is the painted cast metal Hale radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Hale radiator emblem is rare.

The "Hale" name was also displayed on the front bumper nameplate and on the step plate, see examples shown below:

Hale front bumper nameplate (1928)    fireapparatusmagazine

Hale pumper step plate (1926)   classiccars

The following painted, cast metal "Hale" emblem is believed to have been displayed on the working deck of a Hale pumper. This Hale emblem is rare.

This is a Hale emblem (c1920's)    mjs
Size: 124mm wide 54mm high   MM: 719

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