September 12, 2022


Yellow Truck & Coach Manufacturing Co. (1930-1938)
Pontiac, Michigan

This is a General Cab radiator emblem (1936-1938)   mjs
Size:74mm diameter     MM: Fox

The General Motors Cab or General Cab was the the former Yellow Cab (see Yellow Cab), which was renamed in 1930. 

From 1930 to 1931, the General Cab was styled similar to contemporary Buick sedans, as were the final Yellow Cab models. However, following the end of production of six-cylinder Buick engines in 1931, the General Cab was given a style similar to that of Pontiac sedans. The General Cab styling changed again in 1934 to a style similar to long wheel-based Chevrolet sedans and this continued until General Cab production ended in 1938.

General Cabs had jump seats as standard but a single front seat and a divider between the front and rear compartments were available as options.


Initially, General Motors Cab did not have its own emblem, although the "General Motors" name or logo was displayed on the hubcaps. 

Some 1930 General Motors Cab models also displayed a "GM" logo on a circular disc fitted to the center of the headlamp tie bar, see example shown below:

General Cab headlight tie bar emblem (1930)

The following example of a General Cab from 1931 displays an unusual logo painted on the rear doors of the cab and also on an emblem mounted above the front windshield:

General Cab Md O-12 displaying a logo emblem above the windscreen (1931) wheelsage

This logo is more clearly seen on the rear doors of the following 1932 General Cab:

General Cab with rear door logo (1932)  wheelsage

Close-up showing the rear door logo

Interestingly, this logo was originally a Yellow Cab logo, see Yellow Cab cap badge shown below. The logo has been adopted for these General Cabs by removing the "Yellow" name from the logo.

This is a Yellow Cab hat badge (c1928)     mjs

By 1936, the General Cab had been given its own round radiator emblem, see the 1936 example below showing the General Cab emblem mounted on the radiator grille. 

General Cab with radiator emblem (1936)   wheelsage

The same General Cab emblem was mounted at the top front of the radiator on some models, see the 1937 example shown below:

General Cab with radiator emblem (1937)   wheelsage

This is the red enamel General Cab radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post and again below. This General Cab radiator emblem was used until the end of production in 1938 but is rare.

This is a General Cab radiator emblem (1936-1938)  mjs
Size: 74mm diameter    MM: Fox

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