July 11, 2022


Maytag-Mason Motor Car Co. (1910-1911)
Waterloo, Iowa

This is a Maytag radiator emblem (c1911)    toc
Size: 64mm diameter    MM: Unknown

In 1909, F. L. Maytag and his son Elmer H. Maytag, manufacturers of washing machines and agricultural machinery, bought a controlling interest in the Des Moines based Mason Automobile Company, which was building the two-cylinder Mason motor car and Mason light delivery vehicles based on the Mason passenger car. 

Early in 1910, the company was reorganized as the Maytag-Mason Motor Car Company and was moved to a factory in Waterloo, Iowa. A new 32/35 hp four-cylinder touring model was introduced as the Maytag, with the 24 hp two-cylinder passenger car and commercial models being continued under the Mason name. For 1911, all cars produced by the company were called Maytag. The 20 hp two-cylinder model was offered in three body styles and the 35 hp four-cylinder model was offered in five body sizes. However, there were serious problems and the Maytags pulled out in January 1912. The company was returned to the control of Edward R. Mason and the cars became the Mason again.


Maytag light delivery car brochures for 1910 and 1911 include illustrations of some Maytag commercial vehicle models but none show any emblem, see examples shown below:

Maytag light delivery car from brochure (1910)    ms

Maytag light delivery car illustration from brochure (1911) hemi joel

The "Maytag" name would have been displayed on a small brass maker's serial plate mounted on the dash, see example shown below:

This is a Maytag serial plate (1911)     mjs
Size: 94mm wide 50mm high

A surviving but fairly original 1910 Maytag passenger car also does not show a radiator emblem but does display the "Maytag" name on a brass script mounted on the radiator core, see photo shown below. Original Maytag radiator scripts are very rare.

Maytag passenger car showing radiator script (1910) classiccars

Although I can find no photos or illustrations of Maytag motor vehicles showing a radiator emblem, such an emblem does exist. This is the blue and white enamel Maytag radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Maytag radiator emblem is extremely rare.

The "Maytag" name was also shown on the hubcaps, see example shown below:

This is a Maytag hubcap (1910-1911)     alt

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