May 06, 2022


Henry Motor Car Co. (1910-1912)
Muskegon, Michigan

This is a Henry radiator emblem (1910-1912)  mjs
Size: 85mm wide 35mm high    MM: Unknown

The Henry was introduced in 1910 as a 35 hp four-cylinder touring car but the Henry line grew by 1911 into a range of nine four-cylinder models in varying horsepower and body styles, including the rakish Henry "Roadstar".

There were problems within the company and David W Henry, the designer of the Henry car, left in 1911 and moved to Iowa to design the Colby (see Colby). But the main problem with the Henry was a shortage of working capital and by early spring of 1912, after producing about 600 cars, the company was in receivership.


It is possible that the very first Henry 35 cars appearing in 1910 did not carry a radiator emblem but displayed the "Henry" name on a small brass maker's nameplate, see example shown below. This Henry nameplate is extremely rare.

This is a Henry nameplate (1910)    mjs
Size: 77mm wide 26mm high

From later in 1910, the Henry carried the blue and white enamel Henry radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Henry radiator emblem is extremely rare.

The following is a red, white and blue enamel Henry Roadstar radiator emblem. This Henry Roadstar radiator emblem is extremely rare. 

This is a Henry Roadstar radiator emblem (1911-1912)  hcg
Size: est 85mm wide 35mm high   MM: Unknown

The following is a black and white enamel version of the Henry Roadstar radiator emblem. If this Henry Roadstar radiator emblem is authentic, it would be extremely rare.

This appears to be a Henry Roadstar radiator emblem (1911-1912)  ms
Size: Unknown     MM: Unknown

The following is a very rare Henry hubcap:

This is a Henry hubcap   dkc

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