March 17, 2022


Brush Runabout Co. (1907-1912)
Detroit, Michigan

This is a Brush radiator script (c1909-1911)     mjs
Size: 205mm wide

The little two-seater, initially 6 hp, single-cylinder Brush runabout, which first appeared in 1907, was one of America's most popular cars of its type and changed little over the course of its life, apart from a slightly larger wheelbase and greater horsepower in later years.  

The Brush Runabout Company was absorbed by Benjamin Briscoe's US Motors Company in 1910 and died with the collapse of this automotive empire. The last Brush made for 1912 was called the Liberty Brush and was the old Brush reduced to its basic essentials.


The Brush runabout displayed the "Brush" name embossed into the top of the brass radiator, see later example shown below:

Brush Model D showing radiator emblem (1910)   conceptcarz

Most Brush runabouts also displayed the "Brush" name on a brass script mounted on the radiator core, see example shown below:

Brush showing brass radiator script (c1910)   ms

This is the brass Brush radiator script shown above at the top of this post. This is the most common form of this script but a different style of "Brush" radiator script is shown below:

Brush radiator script (c1911)    mjs
Size: 175mm wide

The "Brush" name was also displayed on the hubcaps and on a maker's nameplate/serial plate, see examples shown below:

This is a Brush hubcap face (c1908-1911)   mjs

This is a Brush Model D nameplate/serial plate (1910)    mjs
Size: 75mm wide 44mm high

The Liberty Brush produced for 1912 continued to have the "Brush" name embossed into the radiator tank top. Surviving examples of the Liberty Brush usually display a "Liberty" radiator script, see example shown below, but these may have been added later.

Liberty Brush with rad emblem & script (1912) americanhistory 

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