December 29, 2021


E. G. Wallof (1902)

Wallof Motor Truck Co. (1910-1912)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a Wallof radiator script (1910-1912)    mjs
Size: 312mm wide

E. G. Wallof was the proprietor of a Minneapolis machine shop that also dealt with gasoline engines and marine and stationary engines. Walof built a steam powered runabout in 1902, similar in appearance to a Mobile/Locomobile.

The Wallof Motor Truck Company was established by E. G. Wallof in 1910 and investors were invited to buy stock. Some vehicles were built, including a depot wagon. Unfortunately, insufficient investors took an interest in the Wallof company and in late 1912 the Wallof plant was closed down. E. G. Wallof moved his plant to Redcliff in Alberta and there he built about 15 beautifully finished vehicles, including trucks, buses and an ambulance.


The brass Wallof script shown above is believed to be from a Wallof vehicle built by the Wallof Motor Truck Company in Minneapolis. If so, this Wallof radiator script would be very rare.

Original photos of a Wallof depot car from about 1910 are not clear enough to show an emblem or a radiator script. However, a photo of a twelve passenger bus built in Redcliff, Alberta by E. G. Wallof in 1913 does show a brass radiator script, see below, which gives support to the likely use of a Wallof radiator script.

Redcliff Twelve Passenger Bus (1913)   cars of canada

Close up showing Redcliff radiator script (1913)

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