November 18, 2021


Bartholomew Co. (1903-1920)
Peoria, Illinois

This is a Glide radiator emblem (1916-1920)    mjs
Size: 63mm diameter   MM: Greenduck

J B Bartholomew was a producer of peanut and coffee roasters who built his first gasoline automobile in 1901. By 1903, the car was called the Glidemobile, the first model being a 6 hp single-cylinder runabout. In 1904, the car became the Glide and was similar in appearance to the early Cadillac. For the 1905 model year two-cylinder and four-cylinder models were also offered, a six-cylinder model being added in 1907. For 1911 and 1912, Bartholomew also built a 3/4-ton four-cylinder commercial vehicle based on a passenger chassis but commercial vehicle production did not proceed further. From 1916 all Glide cars had six-cylinder engines delivering up to 45 hp. 

The Glide sold well. Production figures grew steadily and reached 200 by 1908 and then remained at 200 units a year until 1915 when production increased to 300 and then rose to 500 for 1916. But post First World War material shortages resulted in a drop in production after 1918 and, with growing competition from other motor manufacturers, the company could not meet the demand from Glide dealers and was finished by 1920.


The first Glidemobiles and Glide cars did not have a hood and did not carry an emblem, but these vehicles would have displayed their name on a small maker's nameplate or serial plate attached to the rear of the vehicle or under the driver's seat.

There are very few original photos of Glide cars showing the radiator and also very few surviving examples, so the following analysis of the use of emblems involves some speculation based on the limited information available.

The Glide had a conventional hood on the four-cylinder model from 1906, and advertisements for the 1906 model year are the first to show a "Glide" script logo, see example shown below:

This is a Glide advertisement showing a script logo (1906) eBay

Advertisement detail showing the "Glide" script logo (1906)

It is possible that a radiator script was first used in 1906 but it is noted that the illustration of the Glide Model E in the advertisement shown above does not appear to carry an emblem or a radiator script.

Original photos from 1907, however, do show a brass radiator script, see example shown below:

Glide motor car with a radiator script and emblem (c1907)  dpl

The small rectangular, probably brass, radiator emblem may be a Glide emblem but is possibly a radiator manufacturer's plate, but I cannot confirm this.

The following shows a Glide radiator script on a surviving Glide car:

Glide radiator script (c1908)   ms

The "Glide" script logo continued to appear in Glide advertisements until 1915 but I have not seen a radiator script on the few original photos of Glide cars after 1908. The following is an example of the brass "Glide" radiator script. Original Glide radiator scripts are very rare.

This is a Glide radiator script (c1907-1908)    preoriahistory

It is interesting to note that the brass Glide radiator script differs from the Glide script logo used in early Glide advertisements in the style of the letter "G" and the final letter "e", see the Glide script logo shown below for comparison:

This is the Glide script logo (1906-1915)

However, this Glide script logo was used as a radiator emblem from 1908, initially in the form of a small "Glide" script, probably embossed into the radiator tank, which continued in use until at least 1910, see examples shown below:

Glide embossed brass radiator emblem (1908)    youtube

Glide Model 45 showing embossed brass radiator emblem (1910)   bonhams

The "Glide" name was also displayed on maker's nameplate/serial plates attached to the dash and on the hubcaps, see examples shown below:

This is a Glide nameplate/serial plate (1910)   bonhams

This is a Glide hubcap (c1908)    dkc

The following Glide advertisement for 1911 shows an illustration or photo of a Glide 45 touring car, which appears to carry a radiator emblem, although the detail of the emblem is unclear:

Glide ad showing Model 45 (1911)  eBay

Glide Model 45 close up showing radiator emblem (1911)

It is possible that this may be the maroon painted Glide radiator emblem with the "Glide" script logo shown below, although I cannot confirm this. This Glide radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Glide radiator emblem (c1911-c1912)     khc
Size: 63mm diameter   MM: Greenduck

The following Glide advertisement for 1915 shows an illustration of a Glide car with a round radiator emblem in a very light color, possibly white. The "Glide" script logo is also shown in the ad:

Glide ad showing radiator emblem (1915)   ebay  

The following blue and white enamel Glide radiator emblem uses the "Glide" script logo style and is thought to have appeared in about 1912 and continued through 1915, but I cannot confirm these dates. This Glide radiator emblem is also extremely rare.

This is a Glide radiator emblem (c1912-c1915)    mjs
Size: 63mm diameter    MM: Greenduck

Emblem collectors should beware as there are realistic reproduction Glide radiator emblems with this design with flat shiny backs, sometimes plated, and no maker's mark.

Glide advertisements from 1916, show a new "Glide" logo in a circular emblem shape, see example shown below:
Glide ad showing new logo (1916)  ebay

This is the pink, pale blue and black enamel Glide radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post an again below. This Glide radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Glide radiator emblem (1916-1920)    mjs
Size: 63mm diameter   MM: Greenduck

The following Glide radiator emblem is folded to fit a V-shaped radiator. Interestingly, this Glide emblem is clearly original and made using male and female dies but does not have a maker's mark. This Glide radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Glide radiator emblem (c1916-1920)    mjs
Size:    MM: None

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