October 09, 2021


Dowagiac Motor Car Co. (1909)
Dowagiac, Michigan

This is a Dowagiac nameplate/serial plate (1909)    mjs
Size: 90mm wide 44mm high

The Dowagiac was the name used to replace the Lindlsey. 

The Lindlsey was a high-wheeler two-cylinder runabout built in small numbers in 1908. A few 3/4-ton delivery trucks and a 1-1/2-ton truck were also built as Lindsleys in 1908. In December 1908 the Lindsley factory was closed down. 

A new Dowagiac Motor Car Company was set up in 1909 to put together the last 15 Lindsley cars that remained to be completed. These were sold as Dowagiac or Doe-Wah-Jack cars. The company was finished later in 1909.


The Lindsley and the Dowagiac that followed did not have a radiator and did not carry an emblem.

The Dowagiac or "Doe-Wah-Jack" name was displayed on a small painted brass nameplate/serial plate attached to the body of the vehicle. 

The Dowagiac serial plate shown above was used on a 1909 Model B runabout and appears to be car number eleven of the fifteen cars built in 1909 and is extremely rare.

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