May 12, 2021


Remington Automobile & Motor Company
Illion, New York (1900-1901)
Utica, New York (1901-1902)
Remington Motor Vehicle Company (1903-1904)
Utica, New York 

This is a Remington nameplate (1901-1902)   mjs
Size: 91mm wide 21mm high

The Remington name was famous for firearms and typewriters. In 1895, the Remington Arms Company had experimented with a kerosene motor to power bicycles and tricycles. In 1900, the Remington Automobile & Motor Company was established and the first Remington 4 hp and 6 hp motor cars built for two or four passengers appeared in October that year.

In early 1901, after building only seven cars the company moved to Utica. The Remington was now offered as a conventional 4/6 hp single-cylinder car and a 10 hp two-cylinder model arrived early in 1902. Later in 1902 the company was in receivership. The company was sold in early 1903 and reorganized as the Remington Motor Vehicle Company but this did not work out and it was all over by 1904. Very few Remington cars were built.


The Remington did not carry an emblem but the "Remington" name was displayed on a small cast metal maker's nameplate, see example shown above, which was usually attached at the rear of the vehicle. This Remington nameplate is rare.

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