April 29, 2021


Step-N-Drive Truck Corp. (1928-1930)
Buffalo, New York

This is a Step-N-Drive radiator emblem (1928-1930)    mjs
Size: 258mm wide 60mm high    MM: None

The Step-N-Drive Truck Corporation specialized in the manufacture of a patented drop-frame delivery truck for multi-stop service. Step-N-Drive also applied for a patent in 1928 for the insertion of a drop-frame into an existing chassis. By 1930 Step-N-Drive advertised that its line included Junior Models using Ford and Chevrolet chassis and a Senior Model using Step-N-Drive's own chassis for specialized house-to-house deliveries.

This was an important area of business for Divco at the time (see Divco) and in September 1930 the Divco-Detroit Corporation acquired Step-N-Drive Truck Corporation in order to avoid patent infringement. After Step-N-Drive became a Division of Divco, it continued as a body building operation only for conversion of Ford and Chevrolet chassis for drop frame delivery service.


Step-N-Drive delivery trucks displayed an emblem mounted on the radiator top and also on the sides of the hood, as seen in the Step-N-Drive advertisement shown below:

Step-N-Drive with rad & hood side emblems (c1928) ccj

The black painted Step-N-Drive radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is rare. 

The larger version of this emblem shown below was used as a hood side emblem and is also rare. 

This is a Step-N-Drive hood side emblem (1928-1930)    lktec
Size: 292mm wide 58mm high     MM: None

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