March 05, 2021


Samson Tractor Co. (1920-1923)
Janesville, Wisconsin

This is a Samson truck radiator emblem (c1920)   ms

The Samson Tractor Company was set up by William Durant to provide General Motors with an agricultural manufacturing business to compete with Ford. 

In addition to the successful Model M tractor, Samson also built a line of trucks in 3/4-ton and 1-1/4-ton sizes, which were particularly designed for farm use but not exclusively. These trucks were successful products but the tractors could not compete with the Fordson tractor and in 1923 the Samson business was closed down.


The Samson truck displayed the "Samson" name cast into the radiator tank top and also on truck side nameplates, as shown in the following illustration of a Samson truck taken from a 1920 advertisement:

Samson truck illustration showing radiator emblem and side nameplate (1920)   alamy

The photos shown above at the top of this post and below show examples of the Samson truck cast-in radiator emblem:

This is a Samson truck showing radiator emblem (1920)  barnfinds

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