May 21, 2022


Lyman & Burnham (1903-1905)
Boston, Massachusetts

This is a Lyman & Burnham maker's nameplate (1903-1905) mjs
Size: 62mm wide 24mm high

The Lyman & Burnham was a water-cooled, two-cylinder gasoline powered five passenger, rear-entrance touring car. The car was offered in four horsepower versions from 10 hp to 24/26 hp. The business was closed in early 1905. Total car production is not known but is likely to have been very small with only seven cars listed in Massachusetts automobile registrations from 1905.


The Lyman & Burnham did not carry an emblem but did display the "Lyman & Burnham" name on a small metal manufacturer's nameplate, see example shown above. Original Lyman & Burnham manufacturer's nameplates are very rare.


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