February 11, 2021


Automobile Company of America
New York, New York (1899-1900)
Marion, New Jersey (1900-1902) 

This is a Gasmobile nameplate (c1900)    mjs
Size: 85mm wide 50mm high

The Automobile Company of America introduced its first cars in 1899 under the names of American or American Voiturette but changed the name to Gasmobile in 1900. The Gasmobile was a well made vehicle. In 1900 it won all contests staged for gasoline vehicles at the Automobile Club of America's show at Madison Square Garden, and. in 1901, a Gasmobile won first prize in the Long Island Endurance Contest.

The first Amercan Gasmobiles in 1899 were 3 hp single-cylinder cars offered in runabout and phaeton body styles. By 1902, there was a wide variety of Gasmobile models, including three-cylinder rear mounted models and four-cylinder front mounted models, with horsepower ranging from 9 hp to 25 hp. This wide range of different models contributed to the demise of the Gasmobile. 

By November 1901 a total of 140 cars had been produced. At the New York Automobile Show in January 1902, the company exhibited a six-cylinder prototype but this never reached production. In March 1902 the company was bankrupt.


The Gasmobile did not carry an emblem but from 1900 did display the "Gasmobile " name on a brass nameplate/serial plate, see example shown above. This Gasmobile nameplate is extremely rare.

I do not know, if there was a different Gasmobile nameplate after the move to New Jersey. If such a nameplate did exist, it would also be extremely rare.

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