December 30, 2020


Byrider Electric Automobile Co. (1907-1910)
Cleveland, Ohio

This is a Byrider Electric nameplate (c1908)    mjs
Size: 102mm wide 22mm high

The Byrider was one of four different names under which the same electric victoria car was marketed between 1905 and 1910. The first electric car from the Cleveland plant was made by William O. DeMars and called the DeMars Electric but this did not last long and there followed a series of new companies and owners each changing the vehicle name.

In 1907 John and William A. Byrider bought the company, established the Byrider Electric Automobile Company and renamed the car the Byrider Electric, which survived until early 1910. The Byrider Electric was essentially the same car as the previous cars made at the same Cleveland plant, a 71-inch wheelbase Victoria with a cyclops headlight.


The distinguishing feature of the Byrider Electric was the cyclops headlight and the vehicle did not carry an emblem. 

However, the Byrider Electric name was displayed on a small, painted cast brass Byrider Electric nameplate/serial plate attached at the rear of the vehicle or under the driver's seat, see example shown above. This Byrider Electric nameplate is very rare. 

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