August 20, 2020


Gramm Motor Car Co.
Gramm Motor Truck Co.
Lima, Ohio (1910-1913)

This is a Gramm radiator script (1911-1913)    mjs
Size: 247mm wide

Benjamin A Gramm had designed and built Gramm-Logan trucks in Bowling Green, Ohio until late in 1910 when he moved the company to Lima, Ohio, where he reorganised as the Gramm Motor Car Company and the truck became the Gramm. 

The first Gramm was a 5-ton capacity cab-over-engine truck with 1-ton, 2-ton and 3-ton capacity models added in 1911. Gramm began to produce conventional truck models also, although cab-over-engine models continued to be offered to 1913. 

In 1912 Benjamin Gramm set up the Gramm-Bernstein Company (see Gramm-Bernstein) but Gramm trucks continued to be built into 1913, when the company was bought by John Willys. The Gramm name reapppeared on a new truck in 1926 (see Gramm(2)).


Gramm trucks did not carry an emblem but did display a brass script attached to the radiator core, see Gramm advertisements shown below:

This is a Gramm ad showing rad script (1911) catj
Close-up showing rad script (1911)

The following brass Gramm radiator script is believed to be the earliest style of Gramm script. This Gramm radiator script is very rare. 

This is believed to be an early Gramm radiator script (c1910) worthpoint
Size: 178mm wide

The following Gramm truck advertisements and original Gramm truck photo show a slightly different style of radiator script:

This is a Gramm ad showing script design (1911) sep

This Gramm ad shows rad script (1913) tpw

This is a Gramm truck showing radiator script (c1912)

The Gramm script shown in these advertisements is the brass Gramm radiator script shown above at the top of this post. Original Gramm radiator scripts with this design are rare.

The Gramm name was also displayed on the hub caps and on serial plates attached to the dash, see example shown below. This serial plate for a Gramm 5-ton truck is rare.

This is a Gramm truck serial plate (c1912)    mjs
Size: 104mm wide 98mm high

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