June 29, 2021


Thorne Motor Corp.

Thorne Gas Electric Corp.

Chicago, Illinois (1929-c1938)

This is a Thorne radiator emblem (c1930)     mjs
Size: 165mm wide 86mm high     MM: None

The Thorne was a multi-stop 1-1/2-ton capacity delivery van, which initially used an 18 hp four-cylinder engine to drive a generator that powered a 90-volt electric motor located just ahead of the rear axle. The driver operated the vehicle from a standing position.

By 1932 the engine was a 24 hp four-cylinder engine. However, the gasoline-electric design was not successful and the company faded out by 1938.


The cast aluminum painted Thorne Gas-Electric emblem shown above is very rare.

The following is a slightly different version of the Thorne Gas-Electric emblem, which is also very rare:

This is a Thorne Gas-Electric emblem (c1930)      lktec
Size: 165mm wide 100mm high     MM: None

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