May 21, 2020


Munch Motor Car Co. (1909-1910)

Yonkers, New York & Du Bois, Pennsylvania

This is a Keystone Six radiator script (1909-1910)    sam
Size: 184mm wide

C. P. Munch bought the W. S. Reed Company and the rights to the Massillon car. A factory location was found in Du Bois in Pennsylvania to build the car under the name Pennsylvania Six. However, production began in Yonkers, New York while the Du Bois factory was being built. When production moved to Du Bois later in 1909, the car was renamed the Keystone Six.

The first Keystone Six was a 60 hp six-cylinder offered as a two-passenger roadster, a four-passenger baby tonneau and a five-passenger touring car. A 30/35 hp Light-Six model was added in 1910.

There were problems in Du Bois and in 1910 production moved back to Yonkers but it was all over in 1910. 


There is very little information available about the Keystone Six.

A surviving 1909 Keystone Six exists at the Frick Collection in Pittsburgh. This Keystone Six does not have a radiator emblem but has a brass "Keystone" script attached to the radiator core. However, the car has been heavily restored and the "Keystone" script may not be original.

There is a "Keystone Six" radiator script in the Swigart Auto Museum emblem collection, which appears more authentic, see photo above at the top of this post. Original "Keystone Six" radiator scripts are extremely rare.

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