September 28, 2020


Jones Motor Car Co. (1914-1920)

Wichita, Kansas

This is a Jones radiator emblem (1917-1920)     mjs
Size: 54mm high 44mm wide    MM: Unknown

In 1914 John J. Jones established the Jones Motor Car Company and decided to build a medium-priced six-cylinder motor car. The first Jones appeared in 1915 and was a 21.6 hp five-passenger touring model. The Jones automobile was immediately successful and by 1917 a two-passenger roadster and a five-passenger touring sedan model were also offered.

In 1918 Jones started to build light trucks also. The first trucks were 1-ton capacity using four-cylinder engines. A 2-ton truck was planned but does not appear to have been put into production. By 1919, Jones began building roadster-pickups with a drill bit rack on the rear deck, called the Oil Field Special. Some special, custom built Jones cars were also built for wealthy customers.

Everything was going well and a very wide range of body styles was offered for the 1920 model year but in February 1920 a fire seriously damaged the plant and destroyed completed cars and bodies. The fire, combined with the postwar recession, finished the Jones and it was all over by August 1920.


The first Jones cars carried an oval-shaped blue enamel "The Jones Six" radiator emblem, see example shown below. This Jones Six radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Jones Six radiator emblem (1915-1916)     mjs
Size: 77mm wide 48mm high     MM: Unknown

The following is a Jones Six hub emblem:

This is a Jones Six hub emblem (1915-1916)    dkc

Some Jones Six models did not carry a raiator emblem but did display a Jones Six radiator script, see the original 1915 Jones Six advertising poster shown below:

This advertising poster shows a Jones Six radiator script (1915)    ms

Close-up showing a Jones Six radiator script (1915) 

The Jones Six radiator script s more clearly seen on the following original Jones factory illustration dated 1917:

This is a Jones Six showing a radiator script (1917)    freelibrary

Close-up showin the Jones Six radiator script (1917)     

Original Jones Six radiator scripts are very rare.

For 1917, a new shield-shaped Jones radiator emblem appeared, see Jones advertisement shown below:

Jones advertisement showing the new radiator emblem (1917)   ms

The black, white and blue enamel Jones radiator emblem is shown above at the top of this post. This Jones radiator emblem is very rare.

The following black painted Jones Six hub emblem is also very rare:

This is a Jones Six hub emblem (1917-1920)     sam
Size: 55mm diameter

The following Jones Six wire-wheel hub emblem is an obvious reproduction emblem:

This is a reproduction Jones Six wire-wheel hub emblem    ms

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