April 21, 2020


Overman Wheel Co. (1899-1900)

Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts

Overman Automobile Co. (1900-1903)

Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts & New York, New York

This is a Victor maker's plate (1900-1903)     mjs
Size: 88mm wide 25mm high

The Overman Wheel Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts experimented with gasoline cars between 1895 and 1898 with Harry H Knox as the young engineer in charge. In 1899 A H Overman decided to build a steam car which he called "The Victor" after the bicycle that he had been manufacturing successfully for some years. Harry Knox then left to build his own gasoline car. The Victor was powered by a vertical 4hp twin-cylinder steam engine with single chain drive. In mid-1900 Overman sold his Victor bicycle business and reorganized his company as the Overman Automobile Company.

By late 1901 about 50 Victor steam cars had been built. From 1901 the Victor had a larger 8hp vertical twin-cylinder engine that could deliver 32mph. In 1902 Overman began to build steam water pumps for the Locomobile company of Bridgeport, Connecticut and in October 1902 the Overman company merged with Locomobile. The Victor steamer continued to be built into 1903.


The Victor did not have a radiator and did not display an emblem. However, the Victor did carry "The Victor" name on a small maker's nameplate attached to the body of the vehicle, see example shown above. "The Victor" nameplate is very rare.

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