August 19, 2021


Rodgers & Co. (1903-1904)

Columbus, Ohio

This is an Imperial nameplate (1903-1904)     eBay
Size: 86mm wide 49mm high

Rodgers & Company was a carriage-building company, which decided to produce a motor car, called Imperial. The Imperial was a small, air-cooled 8 hp two-cylinder automobile, which appeared in 1903 and was available in runabout, physician's coupe and light delivery body styles. A surrey model was added to the line for 1904.

Production figures are not known but the Imperial was finished by the end of 1904.


The Imperial did not carry an emblem but did display the Rodgers name on a cast metal "Rodgers" nameplate, which also served as a serial plate, see example above. The Rodgers nameplate in the photo may be a re-casting. Original Rodgers nameplates are extremely rare.

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