April 07, 2020


Springfield Automobile Co. (1904-1905)

Springfield, Ohio    

This is a Bramwell maker's nameplate (1904)     mjs
Size: 87mm wide 37mm high

W. C. Bramwell and his son, C. C. Bramwell, had made a few cars jointly with John T. Robinson but the partnership was dissolved and the Bramwells moved to Springfield to make their own car, which appeared in 1904.

The Bramwell was a well-built solid runabout which featured an 8 hp single-cylinder two-stroke water-cooled engine and had a laminated wooden frame reinforced with steel sheathing. Unfortunately, the Bramwells did not have the finance to support the business and the venture failed early in 1905. C C. Bramwell went on to design the Firestone-Columbus highwheeler for the Columbus Buggy Company.


The Bramwell did not display an emblem but did carry a combined Bramwell maker's nameplate/serial plate, which was attached to the dash or under the driver's seat, see example above at the top of this post. This Bramwell nameplate is very rare.

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