March 11, 2020


Leon Rubay Co., Inc. (1923)

Cleveland, Ohio

This is a Leon Rubay radiator emblem (1923)      mjs
Size: 67mm high 36mm wide     MM: Unknown

Leon Rubay was originally from Paris and initially worked in New York for a French automobile accessory company. He also had experience with some custom coach builders and in 1914 he went to work with the White Company in Cleveland.

In 1916 he set up the Leon Rubay Company for the manufacture of high quality coachwork. Rubay car bodies were used on chassis made by several important automobile manufacturers, including White, HAL-Twelve, Duesenberg, Locomobile and Pierce-Arrow. 

Leon Rubay decided to produce a line of motor cars of his own. The Leon Rubay was an excellent, high quality automobile, powered by a 32 hp four-cylinder engine and offered in five closed body styles. The Leon Rubay was introduced in December 1922 but was highly priced for its size and did not sell well. Total output was probably less than twelve cars before production ceased in 1923.


The black enamel Leon Rubay radiator emblem shown above is one of the new old stock emblems made before production of the Leon Rubay ceased and is very rare. A genuine used Leon Rubay radiator emblem would be extremely rare.

The following metal emblem is a Leon Rubay hub emblem and is very rare.

This is a Leon Rubay hub emblem (1923)     sam
Size: 50mm diameter

The photo below shows an extremely rare Leon Rubay serial plate, which appears to be number four of the twelve cars actually built.

This is a Leon Rubay serial plate (1923)    sam

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