April 11, 2024


Stanwood Motor Car Co. (1920-1922)

St. Louis, Missouri

This is a Stanwood radiator emblem (1920-1922)      sam
Size: 63mm wide 45mm high    MM: Unknown

The Stanwood was an assembled car powered by a 55 hp six-cylinder engine and was built using standard components. The Stanwood was offered as a five-passenger touring with a three-passenger roadster and a four-passenger sedan also available for 1922.

The Stanwood was out of business during 1922 after a total production of 642 cars.


The following Stanwood Six advertisement appearing in August 1920, includes an illustration of a Stanwood emblem:

Stanwood ad (1920)  ma

This is the red, white and blue enamel Stanwood radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Stanwood radiator emblem is very rare.

The following metal only Stanwood emblem may be a hub emblem and is also very rare:

This is a metal Stanwood emblem (1920-1922)     mjs
Size: 50mm wide 37mm high     MM: Unknown

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