October 19, 2023


Southern Fire Apparatus Co. (1926-1937)

Dallas, Texas

This is a Southern Fire Apparatus emblem (1926-1937)  tcc
Size: 102mm wide 71mm high    MM: Fox

The Southern Fire Apparatus Company was established in 1926. The Southern was built on commercial chassis and some assembled custom-chassis fire apparatus.

The Southern fire apparatus using commercial chassis were mainly built on Ford Model T, Ford Model A and Reo truck chassis. The Southern fire apparatus using custom-built chassis were equipped with Northern 500-600 gallon-per-minute pumps and had rounded engine hood and flat radiators

It is estimated that about 40 Southern Fire Apparatus units were built, one of which survives in the Texas Fire Museum in Dallas.


The diamond-shaped, deep maroon and white enamel Southern emblem shown above is extremely rare. 

This emblem was used on the radiator and on the step plates of Southern custom built chassis models. The same emblem was located on the hood sides on commercial chassis models, see examples shown below:

Southern chassis pumper showing rad emblem (1912)  wmcc

Southern pumper on Ford chassis with hood side emblem (1928)  wmcc

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