February 22, 2023


Mutual Motors Corp. (1916-1918)

Jackson, Michigan

This is a Marion-Handley Six radiator emblem (1916-1918)     mjs
Size: 69mm wide 32mm high    MM: Unknown

J. I. Handley established Mutual Motors Corporation in December 1914 and brought his Marion (see Marion) and Imperial (see Imperial (2)) motor car businesses together in Jackson, Michigan to operate as separate organizations.

When the Imperial was discontinued at the end of 1915, the Marion became the Marion-Handley. 

The Marion-Handley was an assembled six-cylinder car offered in touring and roadster styles but the business was not successful and it was all over by the end of 1918.


The Marion-Handley carried a red and white enamel Marion-Handley Six radiator emblem, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Marion-Handley Six radiator emblem is rare.

Emblem collectors should take care, as there are reproduction Marion-Handley Six radiator emblems, which look very similar to the original on the front face but, whereas the original has two fixing studs at the back, the reproduction emblem has a plain, flat and shiny back.

Marion-Handley advertisements and brochures used an oval shaped logo similar to the radiator emblem but displaying "Marion-Handley The Six Pre-Eminent", see examples shown below:

Marion-Handley ad (1917)   ebay

Marion-Handley brochure cover (1917) wiki

This Marion-Handley logo design has the appearance of an emblem, as shown below, but I have never seen an emblem with this design, which was most likely only used as a logo:

This is the Marion-Handley logo (c1917)

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