May 26, 2023


Madison Motor Co. (1915)

Madison Motors Corp. (1916-1919)

Anderson, Indiana

This is a Madison Six radiator emblem (1916-1919)     mjs
Size: 47mm diameter    MM: Unknown

Henry Nyberg had built the Nyberg automobile in Anderson, Indiana until that venture failed in 1913 (see Nyberg). Nyberg decided to try again in the same factory in 1915 with the newly established Madison Motor Company. The new 22hp six-cylinder car was initially called the Dolly Madison but the name was shortened to Madison in 1916 and the company was reorganized as Madison Motors Corporation later that year.

Financial problems resulted in an inability to secure parts, so that by 1918 production had ceased. Madison was taken over by the Bull Tractor Company in the early spring of 1919, when the final three Madison cars were produced. Total Madison production was only 453 cars.


The painted metal Madison Six radiator emblem shown above is rare.

I do not know if there was a different radiator emblem for the Dolly Madison produced by the Madison Motor Company in 1915. If such an emblem exists, it would be extremely rare. If you have details of such an emblem, please let me know, in order to update this post.

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