January 05, 2020


Hassler Motor Co. (1917)

Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a Hassler radiator emblem (1917)      khec
Size: 67mm high 48mm wide      MM: None

Robert H Hassler was an automobile component manufacturer, who had previously been involved with the Marion Motor Car Company. He organized the Hassler Motor Company early in 1917 to produce the Hassler car.

The Hassler was offered as a four-cylinder, two-passenger stagger seat roadster with Houk wire wheels. Some Hasslers were displayed at the Chicago Automobile Show in the summer of 1917 but it clearly did not work, as the Hassler was withdrawn in the fall of 1917.

Only a handful of Hasslers seem to have been produced.


The blue and white enamel Hassler radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare. 

Beware, as there are reproduction Hassler emblems in blue, white and red enamel with a flat back and no maker's mark.

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