June 16, 2022


Barrie Carriage Co. (1916-1918)

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

This is a Barrie radiator emblem (1916-1918)     mjs
Size: 60mm wide 53mm high    MM: Unknown

The Barrie Carriage Company was established in 1903 and was successful in building horse drawn carriages.  In 1915, a contract was made with the Bell Motor Car Company of York, Pennsylvania to assemble the Bell motor car in Barrie.

The Barrie was a light touring car powered by a 20 hp four-cylinder Lycoming engine and using mainly parts obtained from the Bell Motor Car Company of York, Pennsylvania. although the Barrie Carriage Company did make some of the body work and upholstery. However, sales were disappointing and Bell had problems procuring materials due to wartime shortages. It was all over for the Barrie in 1918.

Only about 20 Barrie cars were made.


The blue and white enamel Barrie radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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