August 29, 2020


Fuller Buggy Co. (1909-1910)

Jackson, Michigan

This is a Fuller radiator script (1909)      mjs
Size: 275mm wide

The Fuller Buggy Company had been established by George A. Matthews, who was a director of the Jackson Automobile Company. Matthews wanted his Fuller Buggy Company to move into the automobile market and the first Fuller motor vehicles appeared in 1909.

The Fuller was offered as a 22 hp double-chain drive two-cylinder highwheeler and as a 25/30 hp four-cylinder shaft drive standard car. However, the Fuller was unsuccessful and by the end of 1910 the company had been taken over by the Jackson Automobile Company and the Fuller was finished. 

The Jackson-built Fuller had no connection with the Fuller built in Nebraska (see Fuller (1)), 


The Fuller did not have a radiator emblem but did display a brass "Fuller" script attached to the radiator core, see example shown above at the top of this page. 

This "Fuller" script is seen in the following 1909 Fuller Model "30" advertisement shown below:

This is a Fuller ad showing a script (1909)  ms

Close-up showing the Fuller script (1909)

The following Fuller advertisement from 1910 shows a different style of "Fuller" script:

This is a Fuller ad showing a script logo (1910)  ms

This style of "Fuller" script was also used as a radiator script, see example below. Original Fuller radiator scripts of any style are very rare.

This is a Fuller radiator script (1910)    wiki

The "Fuller" name was also displayed on a small combined maker's nameplate/serial plate, see example below. This "Fuller" script is similar but not identical to the Fuller radiator script shown at the top of this post. The Fuller serial plate shown below is rare.

This is a Fuller nameplate/serial plate (1909-1910)     mjs
Size: 89mm wide 44mm high

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